I can never forget what I went thru in the hands of Policemen at Alagbon (Homicide Department)..
In May 2018, I was handcuffed, blindfolded dragged out of the cell after 14days into sienna.. and they drove me down from Lagos to Delta state to be precise Aragba Orogun village to exhume my late dad’s corpse with the excuse of autopsy report, Meanwhile they have made plan with their fellow Policemen(Cousins) to transfer my late dad’s body to a different state, all because of properties..
Thank God the youth’s in my village Aragba Orogun did not allow them because the Policemen said the body will never be returned after autopsy(cause of their own Agenda)

The police Brutality on me continued. They still handcuffed, blindfolded me and drove all the way from delta to Benin to detain me in a police cell in Benin for two nights after they which brought me back to Lagos cell at Alagbon.

All this transpired because two Policemen(cousins) had eyes on my late dad’s property, So they Alleged Me, My kid sis, My brother and my old mother for ours dad death..
Our late dad died in his own house where neither of us don’t live with him but because it’s was a caucus report. They took it upon themselves not to do the proper investigation instead took the laws upon themselves to maltreat me, my brother and My Old mother(they took of one of her tooth in the process of beating her.)

When our lawyer filed a case of unlawful detention and infringing on fundamental human right against them..
They quickly filed a case of Murder against us.
Where we detained in kiriki prison,
Thank God for the judge who granted us bail..
The case is still on..
I am out to join fellow citizens who have been abused and dehumaned by Nigerian Police to say no to POLICE BRUTALITY.



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