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Johnny Depp pressed his hands together in the gesture for prayer when he arrived in court Tuesday for the final day of testimony in his libel trial as his lawyer insisted that the star is no “wife-beater” and is being set up by ex Amber Heard.

The 57-year-old actor who skipped Monday’s summation of accusations against him was met by a crowd of screaming fans as he arrived at London’s High Court to hear his legal team’s final arguments.

Many thrust flowers toward him and screamed “We love you!” along with a final chant of “Justice for Johnny,” as he entered the Royal Courts of Justice for what has been dubbed the biggest English libel case of the 21st Century.

Inside the courtroom, Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne repeated the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” star’s claims that he was completely innocent of the “reputation-destroying, career-ending allegation” that he beat Heard during their volatile relationship.

“He has never hit a woman in his entire life. Period. Full stop. Nada,” Sherborne said.

“Crucially, not only has he never hit a woman in his life, he has never been accused of it,” he said, noting that Heard’s legal team conceded he is not accused of violence against previous partners.

“The truth is that Mr. Depp is not a violent man in nature at all,” he said.

Instead, Heard’s “propensity for violence” detailed during the trial “make her the domestic abuser, not him,” the lawyer insisted.

He pointed to recordings that appeared to catch Heard making a “straightforward, unambiguous, unequivocal admission of hitting him.”

“If it was a man who had said what Ms Heard said and who had admitted to what she admitted to … can you imagine what consternation there would be?” Sherborne asked.

“At its very core, we say it demonstrates that she is the abuser, not Mr Depp. He is no wife-beater,” he said.

Calling Heard a “complex individual with a complex history,” Sherborne said it was “hard to keep up” with all the additional allegations she kept adding to try to prove her case.

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