It is well oh, this fear of coro is killing more than the coro itself, imagine nobody wants to help and if they eventually do they may get to the hospital and even reject him for this same fear of coro, if they call NCDC before they come self he fit don die, even if they come quick and they test him even if na negative they fit talk say na positive so as to add to the number. God have mercy oh and keep us safe and healthy especially during this time that caregivers self are scared of caring so as not to contract the virus. Let Corona pack its load and go finally Lord, enough is enough. Theres need for govt to create an awareness on what people should do to help in this kind of case, they can at least wear gloves, mask up and help, the little help they will render who knows might help revive him. It’s not easy though even me that am typing might run away in this kind of situation, imagine the shop owner even ran away neglecting his shop and all the goods there ah! Coro ti e baje.

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I agree with you completely. The government has left responsibility to us, so they should equip us with what is considered safe when dealing with an issue like this, because most peoples minds will assume the virus when they come across this situation. Gloves and mask should be carried by everyone by now, sanitiser if you have and if you should help someone in this situation make sure you wash your clothes immediately you get home. But the number one thing is to avoid touching your face because the virus is transmitted via the nose mouth and eyes. Go back to basics, read up on the virus. I’m in the UK and as we are starting to ease up on our lockdown i do all of the above i wrote. It’s when you start slacking that you’ll get caught out. Practice your new routines because as much as people are saying “Covid is not in Nigeria, its just the government blah blah blah!” They are all still running away when something like this happens or stigmatising someone who has it.

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